Conference at University of Cambridge

Abstract of Professor Mustapha Cherif (Algeria)

Lancaster House.
London 5 June 2007,

Islam and Muslims in the world today

Excellences, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank Cambridge University and the British government for this important meeting. The first observation:

I would like to make is to say that the British model of multiculturalism and dialogue must be preserved and reinforced.
However regarding the topic of our meeting, Islam and Muslims in the world today, there are three types of externals problems facing Muslims.

First, the political injustices and attacked they suffer.
Secondly Ignorance and disinformation regarding Islam.
Thirdly, common challenges we are all facing: the globalization of markets, oversecularization and the prevalence of instrumental reason.

And there are also three types of internal problems facing Muslims.
First the scarcity of evolutive interpretation of the texts founders.
Secondly weakness of the democratic life.
Thirdly the reactions are sometimes negatives concerning the problems and injustices.
Dialogue, without interference, must address these issues in order to find a solution for each of them because we share a common future.

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